Our vision is everything. We have accepted our limitations in this evolving industry while also taking the time to experiment with new ideas that are true to our culture.

Our team is very dedicated to analyzing how hemp derived products and beneficial compounds can be used in daily lifestyle activities.

There is a lot of stigma that can create resistance for the average consumer. Some of the people that can benefit from CBD and other special cannabinoids are reluctant to try them.

Our mission is to first educate society. As information develops, it is our priority to keep you up to date. We have reached out to different channels to create educational programs to help those who want the information. We will continue to create blogs that are accessible for you. Our platform will provide information solely for the purpose of increasing knowledge and awareness for safety reasons among others. We feel it is our responsibility to share with the world the amazing benefits of cannabis.

The team members here at Munchie’s Boutique such as Head Chef Daniel Stramm and Founder Ricky De Jesus have both been a successful in the culinary industry while being a part of Marijuana culture since their youth. Their theory that the easier we make CBD to be ingested has transcended the company with a fresh perspective on what we can achieve when the market is regulated, ready and prepared. Everyone eats, not everyone has used CBD tincture or feels comfortable taking a natural soft gel to enjoy the benefits. We are infusing CBD with gourmet cuisine solely as experiments now. We have started documenting and creating segments to share our enthusiasm with our viewers. We believe that with an efficient, compliant and responsible team, we can achieve the best version of regulated CBD infused cuisine. The Endocannabinoid system in your body will thank us later.

Lastly, we want to help the community. We want to donate a generous portion of our profits to the organizations that are dedicated to helping the people that we hear from on a daily basis. Cancer research in specific deserves more attention. We have found organizations experimenting with potential cures and we want to help their cause. Epilepsy deserves the same attention and we are slowly looking for the right partners in this space. Anxiety awareness is near and dear to our hearts. There is no limit to who we can help and that is the foundation to our vision.


The Munchies Team