Based in Seattle, WA, our team is passionate about sustainable, small-batch products. We develop high quality hemp-derived CBD products to serve the market where it is today. These items include our “Emerald” tinctures and gelcaps, as well as unique products to serve the market of tomorrow such as a CBD infused organic cane sugar called “Ruby”, an infused natural non-sugar sweetener called “Ruby LITE”, an infused CBD Himalayan salt called “Sapphire”, and chewable organic fruit tablets called “Gems”. We also have a high end spa and topical line called “Amber”. We utilize patented technology from our parent company, DeepCell Industries, called Crystal Fusion Technology which is where organic crystal structures such as sugar or salt are grown around the cannabinoids fusing them together into one crystal without using any additives or binders. Gemstone CBD products are made with the highest quality ingredients with your health and the planets in mind. Our products are clean with extensive research done on each ingredient, it’s effectiveness and where it comes from. We utilize third-party testing and advertise every test result for each item we offer on our website in multiple areas including next to each product, at the bottom of each page, and in the FAQS drop down menu. We offer individual servings of the sugar and salt along with bulk options at an incredible price, don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions!