Leading supplier of fractal cannabis theme decor & apparel.  Custom design options with your own image and/or logo.  Specializing in 420 & 710 weddings with a large list of “Cannaflage approved” referrals.


Custom decor – all decor is created so it can be refashioned for use in the home. Table runners become curtains, umbrellas & dishware used in the ceremony can be gifted to the wedding party and guests.  Are you a cannachef?  We design custom chef jackets and have a large selection of serving trays & dishware.

Custom apparel – why buy new when you can renew?  We specialize and highly promote refashioning to help protect the planet.  Reline Grandad’s jacket, create accents and skirt underlays for Grandma’s wedding dress. Shop at an upscale or vintage shop for the perfect dress or tux and send it to us.  You can even use your own photographs and surround yourself with the plant that brought you together.

Referrals – We have tested/connected with everyone on our referral list.  Our cannachefts can help with a menus that will appease the palettes of all your guests …… each dish can be made and carefully marked as Infused, Non-Infused, Vegan, Gluten-Free ….. we love setting a table that is all-inclusive.

So whether you are looking for decor, apparel, cannachefs, bud bars, dab bars, ice pipes, venues, we’d love to help you plan a day that is as unique as the love you share for each other and everything cannabis.