Frequently Asked Questions

The CannaChef Union is an online community where sponsors, businesses, and CannaChefs meet to strive for greatness. Sponsors and businesses can offer chefs opportunities, jobs, and sponsorhship(s) through their dashboard (register here). In return, chefs can apply for these opportunitites, jobs, sponsorship(s), etc..., through their chef dashboard (register here). We also have a hire a chef page where anyone can hire a CannaChef Union chef near them (must be 21+).

The best perk is that you’ll be able to network with like-minded chefs and edible makers from all over the world! You will even be able to see which union members are in your area so you can connect and network! This will be a great platform for all of us as culinary creators. We’ll be able to collaborate and work on many different levels. The CannaChef Union is a support system for like minded individuals. Plus, you can list yourself on our website and get booked for jobs! See a much larger (and still growing) list of benefits below.

We expect in return that if you are booked for any job, event, or given a career opportunity/sponsorship; you must keep appointment times, be on time, and stay professional. Failure to do so may result in disciplinary actions. Not limited to suspension or removal from the union.

You will be able to list yourself on our website and get booked for jobs. Members can also apply for sponsorship(s) and opportunities. You will also have the option to learn how to cook with canna-related products and the techniques necessary to survive in the fast paced culinary world. See a much larger (and still growing) list of benefits below.

You can sign up through the registration page at the top of this menu or by clicking the link provided. Fill out the basic information required and subscribe to one of four plans. The payment goes through PayPal. We will never see your credit card information.

To list yourself for hire is... FREE!!


Chefs will have the chance to become sponsored by multiple industry leading companies.

Any company and/or brand can sponsor the union and our members individually. Fill out the form to create a partnership profile. It does not have to be a canna-related company/brand.

What are some of the benefits?

  • We help set you up with industry job opportunities & bridge the gap between you and MIE processing facilities (if you are looking for a facility position or to produce a specific brand in a licensed facility, then this is for you!)
  • You can list yourself on our website so customers can book you for dinner parties, weddings, other events, etc.
  • Apply for sponsorship(s) & opportunities
  • Receive the most up to date industry training courses and information to help keep you knowledgeable
  • Receive access to exclusive industry parties, shows, and events (local to you & worldwide)
  • Gain access to our exclusive seminars & webinars hosted by top industry leaders
  • Be automatically entered into canna-related contests & drawings
  • You will receive free merchandise and promotion from top brands and companies (members must complete certain assignments asked by our sponsors in order to receive reoccurring gifts.)
  • Photo shoots (depending on area/location)
  • Receive subscriptions to industry publications
  • We will invite you on our cooking show “The Bake” to showcase your skills and products
  • Mentor programs available with top industry leaders