Edibles when brought up in conversation are either loved or hated within the marijana community. With mother Wolff Exclusive products I take the time to get an understanding of your daily routine, diet, allergies, tolerance along with your likes and dislikes when it comes to food and marijuana separately. After gathering this information I can create a product best suited uniquely for you! From candy to baked goods and basic condiments to three course meals and beverages, it can all be done.

“Health ‘N Happiness” mean the most to me and M.W.E. (Mother Wolff Exclusives) is the best way for me to do what I can for any and everyone that could use my help. My products are always made from scratch with all organic and homegrown materials. I always maintain an up-to-date health card along with other Nevada legal work cards, and hold various culinary course certificates of completion. I have experience with multiple food/ beverage companies, marijuana cultivation/ care-taking, sales in retail and management. Eventually as my business grows I hope to obtain multiple plots of land in different climates/ regions to provide the best varieties of ingredients and to be the main resource of all I need to create my edibles.

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