My name is Brittany Schwartz, I was born with a love for cooking. Continue forward I had the opportunity to work in fine dining establishments. I did staging opportunities, learn new skills and pushed forward. Today I am a very hard working owner of Medimenu in Warren Michigan. I am 24 years old and created the Dopelameter. I also have the amazing opportunity to work with patients and run a patient program where we take care of people with cerebral palsy, cancer, Parkinson’s, fibromyalgia and so much more. I work with pastries, Breads, Japanese cuisine, cakes, events and even meal prepping. Mostly I’m a small menu small availability for my higher end items. While I have a table I work  more fast casual items to allow People to try things, that are more simple. While also taking on special orders and caterings events and weddings! We are honored to have this community.

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