In my travels, I discovered how much I like to learn about the culture of a country by its culinary practices. Unfortunately, some countries have almost lost all their traditions since importing foreign ingredients, often cheaper and easier to cook.

The environmental issues have also always preoccupied me.

Where does my food come from? How is it produced? Who benefits and above all, is it respectful of the Earth?

I worked on farms, I studied plants, I cooked on site and experienced.

The farmers who do this all their life are, in my eyes, superheroes. A dinner in their homes has nothing to do with the fancy atmosphere of a 5-star restaurant. Yet, they produce high quality foods that make us feel good.

I want to go further by placing wild, fresh and local products in an exceptional atmosphere at the heart of my recipes, anywhere I cook.

I love challenges!

I am confortable with any demands, meat to vegan choices.

based in Montreal, Qc.

Willing to Travel: Yes

*Travel Fees May Apply

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