Owner and Head Chef of Sweet Tey's Catering – Teyanna Clevenger
At her core, Chef Tey is a passionate life long student of all things Food, Beverage and Hospitality. After 28 years in the industry, Chef Tey turned to the chemistry of food (and herbs) to feed the intellectual side of her creations.
A walking brand, full of Southern charisma and charm, Chef Tey turned to Cannabis Infused Fine-Dining in an effort to elevate the perception of marijuana through education and fine food.
These dinners include art, music, fine wine and top notch locally sourced ingredients, simultaneously and effortlessly educating her audience while entertaining them at the same time. Currently, Chef Tey is working towards producing gourmet edibles, taking several classes in cannabis (education, cooking, extraction, and cultivation) and nutrition courses, as well as working catered and private dinners.
With a seemingly endless supply of passion and drive, Chef Tey has her sights set on leaving a positive impact on the world through her medium of choice, food and cannabis.
​ Having faced intense struggles to pursue this commendable dream, leaves her open to sharing her vision with the world that is Sweet Tey's Catering .
A message from Chef Tey-
"Food, Family and Fun, that's how I wish to live my life. "
I am absolutely in love with food and life. I want to seize EVERY minute. My passion for food equals my passion for life. I am pressure driven and I cannot get enough of the excitement that comes from perfecting every moment of your big day, night or whatever moment has brought us together.
I will never serve anything that isn’t made from the highest quality ingredients and up to my standards. I will NEVER compromise this. Food is not just for sustenance; it is art, it is beauty, it is love.
I create intriguing and delectable food first, infuse it with cannabis second and I cannot wait to share my knowledge of my craft with you and your guests.
It is always about the food, the people eating, education and nature's bounty.
To me, life is about adventure and experiences.
I want you to experience food, not just eat it.I want to take your palate on an adventure! I want you to connect with where it came from and who made it. That is why I do what I do.
–Teyanna Clevenger, Owner & Head Chef

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