To whom this may concern,
I am an award-winning competitive chef with over fifteen years of experience in catering, instructing, and operating a business in the food industry. During my career, I have completed my Bachelor’s in Business and Marketing, and I am pursuing my master’s in business and Communications. I am currently expanding upon my knowledge and skillsets for my career in the Cannabis Industry.
I am well trained and versed in diverse kitchen operations and I have significant experience in managing events, food processing, inventory management, lean business concepts and I work comfortably with deadlines, budgets, and challenges. I have supervised, trained, and taught staff about the preparation, display and cooking of different foods while ensuring that the final product meets or exceed the highest quality standards. I am well versed on the legal requirements related to public health, chemical safety and usage, fire procedures and safety, kitchen cleanliness and food care requirements. Much of my work history is mixed between independent and group functions and I pride myself on my attention to detail and my ability to prioritize and organize tasks. I can quickly process complex information and I am adept at interpreting laws, regulations, and procedures.
I help educate and inform our patients about different strains, terpenes, as well as effects they may experience from each product. I have a cannabis education, sales, and marketing experience which allows me to help patients. I enjoy networking and meeting new people! I welcome the opportunity to become a part of a like-minded, motivated, and dedicated community of people who strive to achieve greatness. One day, I hope to become the “Rachel Ray” of the Marijuana Industry.
I am interested in hosting, cooking, instructing, and being a part of viral and live shows where I can continue to educate and entertain people. I am seeking sponsorship such as product donations, swag for giveaways, as well as social media marketing and potential podcast collaboration. I can use the product during each show, while providing product knowledge and reviews that can be seen online by cannabis enthusiasts.
If this is something that interests you, please do not hesitate to contact me by phone or email. I appreciate your time and consideration. I look forward to your response.

Chef Renee Ciccarelli

Willing to Travel: Yes

*Travel Fees May Apply

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