Hello world! My name is Christopher “Carson Cooks” Thomas. You can just call me Chef Carson.  I am the creator and executive chef of the Taste of Leaf brand. Proud member of the Canna Chef Union and Administrator of the Oklahoma City Branch. And, with luck we will also be managing the Washington State area also.

Taste Of Leaf is known to provide a dinner service of serving new versatile fusion dishes highlighted was seasonal ingredients ,alongside a exclusive cannabis infused experience. Our menus have core items that customers and clients can always come back for or order at any time. But, our menus will change quarterly to incorporate the highest quality of fresh in season produce. This will mean that our first-rate service will ALWAYS live up to its expectations!

Taste Of Leaf aims to provide more than just a service to our guest, but also an unforgettable experience!

With 7 combined years of experience in management and the food industry. We are confident in our brand to create a successful experiance, at all of our hosted events.

Taste of Leaf prides itself on traveling and studying all the cultures and cuisines the world has to offer. With the intent to recreate flavors and at the same time making them our own! Our style and take on food is unique and innovative. We see our cooking as an art form of sorts, the kitchen being our paintbrush and the plates being our canvas. When tasting Chef Carson’s completed dishes all senses are heightened which intern shows the chef behind the food. Combining his explosive personality and love of food produces a wonderful experience. Simply put Chef Carson Cooks wants to show himself plated in an elegant creative fashion. While making a connection with each individual who has the pleasure of experiencing one of Taste of Leaf’s events!

Willing to Travel: Yes

*Travel Fees May Apply

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