There are no set rules for how to make dreams happen; no rulebooks or, as they say in the military, Standard Operating Procedures. That’s a big deal. It leaves a lot of room to get creative.

You see, there’s a point where creativity, hard work, and structure meet – it’s magic. Its where great ideas come together, where dreams happen.

That’s where Joe Martin excels.

Joe Martin served 15-years in the Army, where he mentored subordinates, lead small teams, developed and executed training programs, and worked to continually improve processes.

He brings his talent for establishing reliable “ways of doing things” and keen sense of organization to the film industry and wonderful world of tech Startups.

In 2015, Joe Martin was hired on the set of his first independent film production. He started the job as a lowly Production Assistant but immediately took on additional responsibility onset and was promoted to 2nd Assistant Director. He’s since received multiple 1st Assistant Director credits with the same production company that jump-started his career – Dear Skyyler Productions.

Always piecing together the pieces of the puzzle to see the big picture, Joe jumped at the opportunity to bring the film creators and the audiences closer together.

“I have a problem with people working hard, being creative, pouring out their heart making films, and not getting paid for it. When I was approached about working on a streaming service where filmmakers can distribute their own films, I was in,” says Joe Martin.

Joe Martin lead local and remote teams of web developers, formed a recognizable brand, and created and distributed content across web/social media platforms for over two years.

Currently, Joe is exercising his full range of skills from film production to startup development, marketing, and content production as a Production Manager and Associate Producer for Swag House Studios, a fresh new platform led by Executive Producer, Brett Raymer from the hit Animal Planet show Tanked.

At the same time, Joe is undergoing a Public Relations Master’s program with Full Sail University. He earned a Bachelor of Arts in East Asian Studies graduating with Cum Laude honors and holds a Certificate in Korean Studies and attended the Defense Language Institute for Korea Crypto linguistics while in the military.

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